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4 Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sunday; that beautiful day of the week where no alarms are necessary, no panicked morning routine awaits and what time you get up depends on the weather and your mood. Don’t feel lazy though; sleep provides many great health benefits, contributing to improved holistic health and well-being. These benefits include:


Decreased Stress

Improved productivity

Improved health and appearance

Woman Good Sleep

Sleep is a great time for the body to repair damaged cells, such as those broken down during a tough workout. Having an adequate and good quality sleep allows your body to better repair itself, and will ensure you feel better the next day-ready to attack your training with gusto! Not only is sleep good for physical growth and repair, it also benefits mental regeneration and preparation.
Sleep is the body’s chance to rest and recover from the stresses of the day. If you had a long and tiring day, getting a good night’s sleep will help you to decompress and wake up feeling refreshed and recovered, ready for a new day. Regular, good-quality sleep will ensure you rock up to work ready to work, and are better equipped to manage stress.

Productivity and concentration

Waking up feeling refreshed and replenished will ensure you get the most out of your day – which is great not only for you, but for your work colleagues and friends too. Having good quality, regular sleep will ensure your mind is better focused in the mornings, and less likely to wander off later in the day. Not only this, but it may even save you having that morning coffee. Good quality sleep will ensure that when you wake up, you are ready to go and don’t need that extra hit of caffeine early in the morning. This can help you to save that cup of Joe for when you may really need it, during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps.
Poor SleepFeeling refreshed and awake at work will make sure you get more done for the amount of time you are there. Your mind is less likely to wander off or feel ‘hazy’ from poor sleep – and you will achieve so much more during the same time frame!

Decrease stress

A good night of restful sleep also helps to negate the poor health effects of stress. Stress is all around us, whether it be financial, work-related, health related or even just a workout. Having regular, restful sleep will help your body to cope with and minimise the adverse effects of this stress. Stress results in the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can be harmful to the body’s health when continually released in large doses. Left unchecked, excessive cortisol release can result in unwanted weight gain, and cause constant feelings of stress. By maintaining a regular, good-quality sleep pattern, you can not only minimise stress, but help to keep yourself looking great and sitting at that ideal weight.

Look and feel great & weight management

Everyone knows when you look tired. It shows in your face, your attitude, your health and most of all in your own mind. Having regular, restful sleep will make sure you are looking the best you can for yourself, and looking much healthier to others. Regular sleep will help to remove the bags from under your eyes, return the colour to your face and minimise fat storage around the stomach region. Not only that – you will feel great inside as well!

Increased energy will allow more time to work-out and spend time enjoying the activities you want to do. To make sure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for a good night’s sleep, make sure you’re putting the screens away well before bed, and are using a quality pillow and mattress. Neil was recently asked by the newly launched brand Sleep Republic to trial out their new mattress, and ever since then he’s claiming that (even though he just celebrated his 34th birthday!) he’s sleeping better than he has in years. Don’t underestimate the huge effect a decent mattress has on sleep quality.

Here are several ways to improve your sleep quality:

-Avoid working out in the evening or night before bed, as it will leave you over stimulated and make sleeping more difficult and less restful
-Spend some time reading a book in the evening just before you switch your lights off
-Keep your sleeping room and working room separate, so that you associated your sleep room with sleep – not with work and stress!
-Spend an hour ‘powering down’ before bed. Avoid contact with artificial light screens (TV, computer, Phone etc) and try dimming the lights for 30mins before bed
-Practice some deep breathing in the evening to calm yourself down
-Make sure you have a good quality mattress! A comfortable and ergonomic mattress will do wonders in improving your sleep quality

If you have any questions about the importance of sleep, or overall health in general, please feel free to reach out to us. Now put the screen down and take a nap!

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Written by Johann Ruys



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