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5 Great Benefits of Group Training

Nothing beats the post-workout bliss following a hard early morning session! It sure can, however, be hard to find the motivation get up and get active some mornings; making a ‘sleep in’ seem like the most appealing option…

Here’s 5 great reasons to come along to group training, grab a friend and have an awesome workout!








When you train on your own, the only person keeping you accountable is yourself. That’s all good and well when you’re motivated for a session; but when it’s 6am, you’ve got to get to the gym on a rainy morning and it’s only up to you to do this, it can be all too easy to skip the session, have a lie in and cheat yourself of your morning workout!

Having a group and a trainer waiting for you to arrive makes you more accountable to your actions, and adds that little spark to get you up and out in the morning. Having a friend waiting is also the best way to guilt yourself into coming along to session, so you don’t leave them high and (not so) dry.

On top of this, working out with a group where everyone is powering towards their individual goals helps keep you accountable in your own progress towards your goals. Your peers and trainer can help keep you accountable to your fitness, health and well-being through your actions.


Having a group or friend to train with can motivate you to come along and give your best. Knowing someone (or a few some-ones) are waiting for you to arrive makes getting up and out the door that much easier, especially on those tough mornings. During the session, having a training partner or group training partners can motivate you to give it your best and push your hardest. Training with a partner or group motivates you to succeed in your actions.


Group training is highly convenient: all you have to do is turn up ready to rock! Your expert trainer will have the session planned out and ready to go when you arrive. All you have to do is get there and be motivated to train! Training is also set up in an easy, accessible location, in the great outdoors!


Group training or training with a friend is a great way to change up your standard workout program. New exercises, new challenges and partner workouts are all great aspects of group training that can refresh your training and make for a welcome change in routine. Training with a friend is also a great way to try new challenges or workout ideas that require 2 or more people.


Most of all, group training and partner training offers a fun time with great company. Training on your own can get boring and lonely, so group training could be the perfect way to change this up, have an awesome workout with your friends and make a few new ones along the way. After all, during group training you’re all in it together!

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ATLETA’s ‘Spring into Summer’ Group Training starts Tuesday September 22! Group training is running Tuesday and Friday mornings 6:30 am in Centennial Park. Sign up with a friend now, and both your first weeks are free!

Written by Johann Ruys



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