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5 Questions with Arek Radtke: High Level Athlete, Olympics Coach & Exercise Scientist

Meet Arek Radtke, ATLETA’s newest Sydney based Exercise Scientist.


Arek holds a Masters degree in Physical Education & Sports Science specialising in Sport Coaching. He successfully ran fitness programs for the national ice-skating team as well as coaching many individual high performance athletes. At the end of his study he was chosen to lead the Polish Olympic sailing team in the preparation for Beijing Olympic Games 2008 as a strength & conditioning coach. He has also worked as a high school PDHPE teacher and Head of Athletics Department where he developed fitness programs that lead school sporting teams to achieve great feats.

His extensive list of achievements could actually be a whole blog post within itself, so we recommend taking a look at his profile when you’re done here.

How long have you been training and coaching people to achieve their personal best?

I first started coaching over ten years ago during my Uni time when I was asked to run a Strength & Conditioning camp for a hockey team. I then began coaching sailing teams to improve sport specific strength and improve fitness levels, and it just went from there.

As a national level sprinter, what was the most enjoyable part of your training and what was the hardest part of your training?

The most enjoyable part was the speed training; the bursts of max power in a short time mixed with feeling that you are a smart “biomachine”. Think Usain Bolt when he gets out of the blocks really well and the race is over before it really began. Ultimately winning a race is the most enjoyable part, but nothing beats winning comfortably, knowing that you’ve got still more in a tank.

The hardest part of training, excluding injuries, is that speed endurance session where your energy system (anaerobic) is hitting the roof and your body has had ‘enough” after the first set, but there are still a bunch of sets to go and you need to keep pushing your body to break limits and increase your lactic acid tolerance(pain tolerance) – I call those the big boy workouts! For example: 6 x 300m rest 3min/85-90% max effort

How has your experience in high level sporting performance transferred across into private personal training?

My experience in high level sports performance has taught me the importance of planning properly in any fitness program. Another big thing I’ve learned is to not just focus on clients’ physical wellbeing, but their mental wellbeing as well. It’s helped shape my professional attitude towards my clients, the importance in them understanding that they will get results if a plan is followed.

I also like to incorporate into my sessions a variety of exercises and drills from different sports that I’ve trained in, like athletics, basketball and swimming.

optimized-arek-atleta-blogWhat is your favourite part of your job?

I really enjoy meeting new people. I like being able to work with different clientele, from complete beginners to goal focused clients, and being able to understand their needs and motivation. I love being challenged by my clients, finding the best solution for their individual needs. That is what keeps me motivated to search for new trends and better ideas to help them achieve their goals and make them happy.

If you could implement 3 rules for everyone to follow to make the world a better place, what would they be?

1. Every challenge in our lives brings new opportunity. Don’t be afraid of trying new things as they may bring new happiness and quality in your life.
2. Magic happens outside of our comfort zone. Sticking with the routine makes us less efficient and less creative – we need to be experience more in all aspects of our lives.
3. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Interested in training with Arek? Email or Give us a call today on 9011 5300 to chat about your health and fitness goals.

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