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ATLETA April Client of the Month – Cat Romano

Meet Catalina Romano. A successful business woman who runs her own PR agency in beautiful Balmain, it’s hard to believe she still finds the time to train hard and keep herself in top condition. With a large range of clients and a flat out schedule, how can one achieve such a work-life balance?

Cat is our client of the month for April, Cat Romanoand we thought we’d have a chat to her about how she manages this work-life balance with such a busy schedule, and only so many hours in the day. Let’s find out a little more about Cat…

Great meeting you Cat, could you give us a little bit of background information about yourself?

I run a fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency in Balmain; Cat Romano PR. With such a range of clients to keep me on the go it’s no wonder I feel like I’m moving 24/7; PR never stops and nor do I! Finding a work/life balance can certainly be trying at times, so I decided to team up with a personal trainer to keep me accountable and responsible for my health. I’m an extremely organised person, so scheduling works well for my lifestyle. Knowing I have a commitment each week with Rob keeps me focused and active.Optimized-CRPR Insta Account

It’s great to hear that Rob’s sessions can keep you focused! How long have you been working out with Rob and ATLETA?

Quite a while now! He’s been my trainer since 2012, and we’ve developed a great relationship! It’s not just business with Rob; we talk about all aspects of my life in our sessions, which is nice and refreshing.

That’s perfect. It is so important, as you well know, to work on all aspects of your life to achieve great health; not just your fitness! Do you have any big events or goals you are currently working towards?

I always have an event, wedding or some sort of function looming up ahead, thanks to my hectic personal and professional life. Rob and I set deadlines and goals every couple of months, but to be honest, for me it’s more about being consistent and feeling the best I can. Through eating well and training regularly I ensure that I meet those deadlines.

It’s good to hear you’re constantly re-evaluating your deadlines and goals, and keeping yourself consistent. How do you feel your regular training sessions have affected your lifestyle?

It has definitely helped in maintaining a clear mind, and it keeps me focused. It’s a great stress relief, as my job can be quite stressful. I feel that regular training also helps with my ability to overcome challenges that occur at work, and keeps me working hard on my daily tasks for both the business and clients. I find I sleep better too.

It certainly appears that training has done many great things for your busy lifestyle; would you recommend regular exercise to your friends/family/colleagues, and why in particular?Optimized-IMG_1128

One thousand percent. I think regular exercise is a necessity for everyone. I don’t think it’s about being the next Olympian; it’s just about doing what works for you, your body and your goals, and just being active. As I work with a lot of lifestyle brands, I’ve learnt the importance of preventive health, eating well and leading an active lifestyle. If everyone just did a few hours of exercise a week they would be well on their way to a healthier and longer life. I aim to lead by example, and hope to inspire my friends and family to do the same. Working with Rob is such a great bonus, because I ask questions and gain new information each time we train. I can then relay this to my family and friends, so everyone benefits from his knowledge and expertise.

The benefits of regular training certainly are made evident when talking with Cat. It’s important to remember that health is multi-faceted, and by maintaining strength and fitness you can help to improve mental health, and better cope with stress. Interested in becoming a client of the month, like Cat? Get in contact with us today to get started training, and watch your health improve as you feel the best you ever have.

Interview by Johann Ruys

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