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ATLETA Body & Performance NEW Sydney CBD Classes

Body & Performance has added two new amazing classes to the weekly timetable for everyone in the Sydney CBD. These classes will be held in the Fragrance Garden (just behind Cook & Phillip park aquatic centre) just a short walk from Hyde Park and the train station, so you can easily get there from the office and home after training. So pack your workout gear every monday and wednesday, then get down to our training sessions after work to develop your  fitness, strength, speed, power, stability and body shape with ATLETA’s amazing Exercise Scientist Katie Watson Jones.


Boxing, Bums & Body – Mondays at 6pm

Body & Performance - Boxing, Bums & Body

This is a great stress buster after a hard day in the office. Paired boxing exercises, mixed with leg power exercises to tone and strengthen your glutes. Challenging the aerobic and anaerobic threshold, come prepared to hit hard, breathe hard, sweat hard and get uber fit! A great way to get the heart pumping and oxygen flowing through the body to re-energize after a long day.


City Sculpt – Wednesdays at 6pm

Body & Performance - City Sculpt

This is a circuit based session that supersets cardio exercises with resistance training. Get the heart pumping through cardio activities, burn calories and body sculpt through compound (multi-joint) exercises that focus on troublesome areas. A fun and varied session that uses different intensities and exercises to ‘shock’ your body, making it adapt to be fitter and stronger, increasing lean muscle and decrease body fat. What better way to end the day!


What is Body & Performance Group Training?

ATLETA Exercise Scientists and Physiologists designed  Body & Performance outdoor group training experience to not only create bodies that look amazing, but to turn you into the best athlete you can be. It will enhance your fitness, strength, speed, power and muscular toning. These sessions and programs also educate you on the importance of each exercise, key aspects of technique and why it is an important part of your training regime, keeping you motivated, empowered and informed.
Unlike at other group training sessions and bootcamps, where the sessions are designed to inflict pain, break you down and stroke the ego of the trainer, ATLETA Body & Performance sessions, are designed to shape the body you want, whilst enhancing athletic performance variables, using elite functional sports training techniques. We encourage you to ask questions and rest when required, of course at the same time we will try to get the most out of you!
You will receive a constantly varied training session that you will find both challenging and enjoyable, which caters to all fitness levels. The sessions will focus on various elements including muscular strength, toning, fitness, speed, agility, power, skill development and competition.

Get ready to redefine how you perceive outdoor group training, with intelligent articulate exercise professionals leading the sessions and a great group participants that will become your support network and friends.


See our class timetable for the locations of our different classes in the CBD and Centennial Park.


Drop-in rate – $30
10 session pack – $250
Unlimited weekly membership – $49/week (this gives you access to all classes, that’s up to 5 classes/week)


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