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Meet Ivo Cortes AEP and Personal Trainer

Meet Ivo Cortes, over the last 6 months he has made himself a valuable member of the ATLETA team in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. His knowledge, experience and passion for helping people achieve their goals has been nothing short of inspirational. We sat down with Ivo to discuss how he got to where he is […]

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Hormones and Sleep: How they affect your weight loss, health, training adaptations and recovery.

We all know sleep is good for the mind, but how important is it for the body? Short answer: very important. Hormones and sleep greatly affect your health, training recovery and weight loss. However, when planning training regimes and structuring weight loss programs, a good night’s sleep will generally be an afterthought. If you’re serious […]

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5 Questions with Arek Radtke: High Level Athlete, Olympics Coach & Exercise Scientist

Meet Arek Radtke, ATLETA’s newest Sydney based Exercise Scientist. Arek holds a Masters degree in Physical Education & Sports Science specialising in Sport Coaching. He successfully ran fitness programs for the national ice-skating team as well as coaching many individual high performance athletes. At the end of his study he was chosen to lead the […]

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Neil Russell gym

Pregnancy and Training – A Note From Neil

This blog post is less a scientific article as it is a letter from the heart. Over the last 15 years I have trained a lot of women all the way through their pregnancy, from long before the day they found out, to as close as two days before they gave birth. If I have […]

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Wanderlust, Eoin Finn and the Benefits of Yoga.

Lifestyle writer Lil Mercanti spent last weekend “blissing out” at Wanderlust, but whilst she was there she took the time to talk about the benefits of yoga with one of the best in the business. Eoin Finn is a yogi and surfer from Vancouver, BC and we caught up with him after taking part in his Superflow […]

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Who is Johann Ruys?

Meet the Northern Beach’s whizz kid Johann Ruys, ATLETA’s newest elite trainer and extreme sports athlete. When he’s not pushing you to run a little faster at City2Surf group training what this training Johann get up to? What drives him to excel? Well there’s only one way to find out, let’s ask him. What is […]

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Dry July or Under the Weather.

Dry July is an initiative that helps make a positive difference to the lives of adults living with cancer, all you have to do is stay off the booze for a month. Easy right!? I know many of you out there are doing your best and perhaps starting to slip up a little, don’t fret, […]

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Benefits of Interval Training

Article by Tory Nicholas Are you getting involved in the running season this year? With so many fun runs on offer everyone’s giving it a go. Make sure you don’t become one of the many people running the same 5km loop everyday, wondering isn’t getting any easier. It’s time to try interval training! These sessions […]

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Thai Pork and Apple Rissoles with Asian Slaw

Thai Pork and Apple Rissoles with Asian Slaw

Healthy and Speedy Midweek Recipe Busy work schedule? Home late? Stuck for ideas? Thinking about a cheeky takeaway meal? Nooooooooo! Don’t choose the takeaway option, instead you should try this quick, easy and light midweek meal idea. You can even take the leftovers for lunch the next day! This week weeks recipe is a delicious…. […]

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Ellie Running

An Interview with City2Surf running group member Ellie Kirkland

Sydney’s Sun Herald City2Surf is a 14km FUN run winding from the city centre to the iconic Bondi Beach via heartbreak hill, which happens to fall pretty much smack back in the middle. Did you know it is the worlds largest fun run? This is exactly why ATELTA City2Surf run group member Ellie wants to […]

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