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Build your Booty and Don’t look Back

Building a big booty appears to be the health and fitness trend of right now, but the benefits of building your backside far exceed just the superficial! Building a strong booty will help conquer and balance a number of body aches, and pains and common imbalances, and will ultimately help you leave poor health behind. Read on for more information on how building your booty can help you to:

Increase Strength

Improve Stability

Improve Sporting Performance

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Increased Stability and Support:

Improving your booty will help build musculature, strength and stability around the region, which in turn will decrease pain and increase both stability and joint function. Improved muscle support and hip stability will also help with day to day activity, managing loads and potential pain afflicting the joints. Improved stability and strength will also contribute to better joint action, and further relieve excess pressure from the joints.

Strong Glutes stabilise your hips, which is particularly important for women during any exercise or walking/running activity. Poor Glute strength can result in excess hip movement, which consequently creates pressure and pain across the lower back, and the remaining lower limb muscles. Ultimately, strengthening and stabilising the Glutes will help to reduce this excess hip movement, improve joint mechanics and decrease lower back soreness.

What does this mean for us? Better posture and looking great, that’s what!

Better body shape:

Toning and building your booty will also develop a plethora of associated muscles, contributing to great posture and a stunning body shape. The stability and support that a strong behind develops ensures that your back stays strong and upright, keeping you standing tall and looking proud. Factor in the highly defined legs, the rocking booty and the associated full-body tone benefits of lower limb training, and building a bigger booty quickly becomes an attractive package, so to speak. Not only will you look and feel great, but physically you’ll be in great shape and ready smash any challenge that comes your way.

Increased strength:

First and foremost, building up your booty will improve your lower body strength. The gluteus Maximus makes up the majority of the ‘booty’ musculature, with a host of surrounding muscles acting in synergy to improve tone, strength and muscle size. The Glute Max acts as the powerhouse of the lower limb, helping provide strength and power to the body, making it an important muscle to build and strengthen. Increasing your booty will also strengthen your lower back, as the Glute muscles insert into your lower back near the base of the spine. Building your booty also stimulates the largest leg muscles to grow, and when you stimulate large muscles you get large strength and muscle gains in return, across your whole body.
Increased sports performance:
Strength, speed, power and stability. Many would describe these as the staple base for a world-class athlete. Build your booty and you’ll also hone these physical attributes, taking your performance to the next level! The Glutes are often considered the powerhouse of the posterior chain; or, in other words, the source of strength, speed and power. Build your booty to increase the strength and power of your Glutes, resulting in stronger contractions, a more stable body during running, better explosive power for sprinting and stronger Glutes to stabilise the body during tricky physcial situations.

Chick SquattingThere are a mass of benefits associated with building a strong booty. How exactly do you build it, though? Here are some tips from the ATLETA team.


Keep your body guessing, and keep your booty growing with some fun single leg exercises! Squats, Dead-lifts, Hip raises – these can all be done as single leg exercises, which are a great way to change up your training and apply loads through the lower limb in a different way. Try adding one or two of these into your weekly workout once or twice a week, or even super-set them with another lege exercise for an almighty leg-toning, butt-burning workout.


My favourite glute exercise is the kettlebell swing – working up to a heavy weight for 10 sets of 10 reps with a short 15-20 second recovery between sets. Make sure you contract the glutes forcefully to drive the weight up, and not rely on your arms and shoulders to “pull’ the weight toward the sky.


Sand dune hill sprints are an incredibly demanding and rewarding way to build your booty. Find yourself a decent length sand dune – there are plenty all around Sydney, including Cronulla/Wanda, Long Reef, Narrabeen and Palm Beach – and sprint up as fast as you can, followed by a walk back recovery. Repeat 5-10 times for a tough workout, then finish off with a soft sand run, or some longer sand dune endurance laps to really feel the burn!


A big tip I use with my clients is to make sure they have their Glutes tight on all exercises when they are on their hands and knees, such as planks and push-ups, as well as when lifting weights overhead. This ensures they maintain a neutral spine and reduce the risk of back pain, as well as applying a greater load to their Glutes throughout the workout session.


Deep Squats are a great way to work the Glutes through a large range of motion. Making sure you squat right down with every rep will help you maximise the strength and stability gains that squats offer. Make sure, however, that your knees don’t spread apart too widely, as this highlights poor Glute action and negates the purpose of deep squats. Also be careful not to go too deep too soon – poor technique with large range of motion can potentially cause lower back pain, so ensure your trainer helps you deep squat in a safe and appropriate manner.


Step-ups and lunges are two often neglected leg exercises that are great for building your booty. Bot exercise work single legs at a time, which means they place high muscle-building loads onto the Glutes, to stabilise the knee. Add these into your weekly workout, or alternatively find a large set of stairs and complete some repeat sets, some sets touching every stair and some touching only every second stair. This will burn your Glutes, and make for a pretty nice cardio workout too.

Need help getting your booty built for summer?! Click below to find out more on training with the ATLETA Team.

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Written by Johann Ruys



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