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Keeping Up with the ATLETA Team

‘It’s hard to believe it’s already August’ is a phrase we seem to utter every year. The days start to get longer, the temperature starts to creep up (thankfully!) and the workload increases as we accelerate towards the end of the year. It’s a feeling the ATLETA team is all too well accustomed to, but […]

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Bike VO2 test

UTS Interval Training Study – It Could Benefit You!

ATLETA’s very own Sam Higham is conducting an investigative research study on the health benefits associated with interval training. Interval training is a common method of training that involves varying periods of high and low intensity work. It has been proven to induce various cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal benefits. Additionally, it protects against chronic illnesses […]

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ATLETA City 2 Surf Training – Great First Week!

It’s that time of year again, when the mornings get colder and waking up gets that little bit harder. Winter generally marks a significant decline in outdoor fitness participation – luckily, however, ATLETA is running our morning City 2 Surf training all through winter, up until race weekend on August 9. Need an excuse to […]

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Ellie Running

2015 City 2 Surf Training with ATLETA – Commencing June 2nd

Looking to run your best ever City 2 Surf? Or even just looking to make the distance, and smash your first race? ATLETA’s scientifically designed training program utilises the latest evidence based training protocols and the most recent health research, to ensure you receive the highest quality training, while working towards your C2S goals. Just […]

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Ryan Profile Pic

Ryan Leibel – Athlete, Trainer and so much more

With an impressive wealth of experience and a friendly, knowledgeable demeanour, Ryan Leibel is certainly the trainer to look out for in 2015. As well as being an accomplished endurance athlete and a true Canadian outdoors-man, Ryan has a vast array of experience. Having trained a large variety of different populations, including high performance athletes […]

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New ATLETA Trainers – SPECIAL 20% OFF

ATLETA WELCOMES RYAN AND SAM TO OUR TRAINING TEAM FOR 2015 ATLETA is gearing up for a HUGE year in 2015, and what better way to kick it off by introducing two new trainers to our already extensively qualified and experienced team. Both Ryan and Sam come to ATLETA with a highly credentialed background and […]

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Optimized-JR Profile Pic

Who is Johann Ruys?

Meet the Northern Beach’s whizz kid Johann Ruys, ATLETA’s newest elite trainer and extreme sports athlete. When he’s not pushing you to run a little faster at City2Surf group training what this training Johann get up to? What drives him to excel? Well there’s only one way to find out, let’s ask him. What is […]

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Ellie Running

An Interview with City2Surf running group member Ellie Kirkland

Sydney’s Sun Herald City2Surf is a 14km FUN run winding from the city centre to the iconic Bondi Beach via heartbreak hill, which happens to fall pretty much smack back in the middle. Did you know it is the worlds largest fun run? This is exactly why ATELTA City2Surf run group member Ellie wants to […]

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Hi there budding runners, Are you looking for the program that will guide you to your fastest City2Surf ever? Our team of Exercise Physiologists and Scientists have specifically developed a 10 week program to help you run faster, more efficiently with optimal technique to ensure that you run your best City2Surf yet. We use scientifically […]

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An Interview with Group Training Regulars, Beth and Julz.

If it is 6:30am on any given Tuesday or Thursday, you can be fairly certain that you’ll find Julz and Beth at Centennial Park; running, lifting, punching and crunching.  Despite their hectic schedules, these two hard working ladies have been the most consistent attendees of Atleta’s group training sessions since its conception in February of […]

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