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Dry July or Under the Weather.

Dry July is an initiative that helps make a positive difference to the lives of adults living with cancer, all you have to do is stay off the booze for a month. Easy right!? I know many of you out there are doing your best and perhaps starting to slip up a little, don’t fret, your heart is in the right place and temptation is just part of human nature.

Here are 5 facts that will help you stick to your Dry July promise and will keep you looking and feeling at your absolute best:

1. Toning

I hope by now that you all realise to get that great beach bod for this coming summer you need to start training and eating right now! Alcohol is working against you all the way by causing muscle atrophy(the break down of muscle tissue), meaning you have less muscle tone and your metabolism is slower. Alcohol is also extremely high in Calories and most are high in additional sugar. Did you realise that alcohol is a toxin? It negatively affects the way your body processes metabolise food and produce enzymes and hormones. There’s 3 reasons to stay dry right there!

2. Decision making

Under the influence of alcohol our decision making deteriorates, alcohol related injuries are more common than you think and a night out could ruin your holidays, your training goals or even worse. Additionally, after a big night out the tendency towards greasy fast food increases significantly. So combining a big night out with a Macca’s meal on the way home or the next morning will surpass your

entire energy requirements for the whole weekend!

3. Hangovers

Do I really have to say any more!? They are just the worst, and they stop you from living your day to it’s fullest potential.


4. Your wallet

how much do you spend on a big night out? It’d well and truly cover the price of a massage or a new training top. It’ll definitely put a dent in your holiday savings. For those who need to be holding a drink in their hand swap the $9 vodka, lime and soda to a $3.50 lime soda water – just take out the vodka and no one will even know expect for your wallet.

5. You are in control

You can still go out, be fun and social. Now that your’e not drinking you can drive, so you can leave whenever you like, drive friends and go to a couple of different parties with no hassles(if you’re popular enough to have multiple parties).

Really try to stick to your Dry July commitment and if you fall short try again in August, do you need alcohol in your life that much!? Make it part of your training program so you performing to your potential and can hit the beach looking great, full of confidence and not miss out on any summer fun!

If you are struggling to stay dry or adhere to your training program in July contact ATLETA and we can help you set goals and stick to them. We even have a few specials if you get in quick!

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