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A Guys 4 Point Plan to A Summer Beach Body

The build into summer continues; and it’s not too long until the summer scorcher hits in full force! This can only mean one thing – it’s well and truly time to get your summer beach body ready for another hot one. Guys, use this 4 point plan to get your summer beach body in shape, and ready for the hot summer nights…

Stay Active

Train the Legs

Upper Body Weights

Eat Well

Glen Carroll ATLETA

Stay Active:

The best and easiest way to get your summer beach body ready is to keep active! Regular exercise will ensure you’re achieving a substantial daily energy burn, keeping yourself in trim shape and really letting your muscles shine through. Regular cardio training is the number one exercise pathway to minimise body fat, lean up and shred for summer, and summer is the perfect time to keep active! With a with a mass of different ways to keep the burn going, why not get creative and think outside your usual cardio training routine. Try evening soft sand run at the beach, followed by a recovery swim, for a great alternative way to keep active. Social summer sports are another way to keep active, and have some summer fun in the process. Grab some mates and enter one of Sydney’s many various social sporting competitions – whether you’re into AFL, touch footy, soccer, Futsal, cricket or a range of other sports, Sydney has options for you to try!

Train the Legs:

If you want to build the perfect summer beach body, you’ll have to do the leg work! Building your legs will benefit not only the strength and size of your stems, but also build a larger upper body and help improve your performance across a range of different activities. Setting aside individual sessions, or sections of sessions, to focus on leg work is the perfect way to build your dainty stems into tree trunks, and watch your upper body grow in proportion to your legs. For more information on the importance of training legs, click here.

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Upper Body Weights:

To get that real chest, back and arm definition, upper body weights training is a must. Setting yourself up with a regular, weekly training plan is the best way to succeed in achieving your summer beach body. Most guys aim to achieve the ‘V’ shaped body you so often see professional athletes sporting. This requires plenty of hard work, particularly focusing on minimising body-fat and building the lats and shoulders. Building these muscle groups will enhance the size, and appearance, of your upper chest region and make the ‘V’ shape a lot more apparent. For those looking to gain real muscle size, splitting up your training across the week is a great way to maximise both muscle gains and definition. For those just looking to increase definition, set aside 2-3 weights specific training days where you can train the whole body in a solid training session. Circuit training is a great way to train the whole body, as you work all the muscles and get a solid cardio workout at the same time. The workout below is a great circuit for helping achieve a Guy’s summer body – with exercises specifically selected to target and shape the ‘V’ and balance out the legs, with a healthy doze of cardio.
Complete 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds rest to move to the next exercise. One round should take 4:30. Aim to complete the whole circuit using an Olympic barbell with 15kg loaded on each side (50kg weight). Complete 3 laps for an intense, full-body workout.

Guys Summer Beach Body workout

Eat Well:

Looking lean and mean requires you to eat lean and green! Balancing your diet with your daily energy needs, as well as ensuring you ingest enough protein and carbohydrate, is the key to packing on lean muscle and shredding away excess body mass. Carbohydrates do, however, have water retention properties, so it is best to utilise vegetable intake to reach your daily carbohydrate needs. Lean meats, such as poultry and fish, are a great source of protein for dinners and lunches, with the occasional red meat helping to maintain healthy iron levels, to match your workout regime. Eggs and greens for breakfast are a perfect way to kick-start your energy needs, getting you pumped for a big day ahead. Fruits, particularly berries and summer fruits, are high sources of sugar, though also rich in essential vitamins (and some minerals!) Having these in a protein shake can be a great way to add some extra energy into your day, although it’s best to be wary of the high energy intake that a shake offers.

Feel like your summer-gains have plateaued? Click below to find out more on training with the ATLETA Team, and kick start your progress toward that summer beach body!

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Written by Johann Ruys



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