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An Interview with Ros Reines; ATLETA Client, Writer and Journalist

Ros Reines is more than just a journalist and a writer. Having just had her second novel published last month, Ros continues to train hard with Neil here at ATLETA and pushes herself physically and mentally to the limit and beyond.

Sometimes, mental and physical workouts can seem so far estranged of each other; but all too often mental and physical stress detriment each other far too easily. Ros’ amazing focus and drive allows her to be productive and inspired, despite a busy life full of deadlines and challenges! Just how does she manage it? We asked her about her writing, training and how it all fits together.

Optimized-rosreines_0108aAbsolute pleasure to meet you Ros. How long have you been working out with ATLETA?

Nearly three action packed years! Despite the occasional cursing out at Neil, (during our gym sessions), I have seldom felt healthier or stronger in my life. I love that I have muscles now, and I still literally pinch myself to ensure that the flab has changed to fab!

That is really great to hear. So you’ve just finished writing a book; tell us a little about that.

My second novel, The Social Diary (Allen & Unwin) was published last month. It’s a fun novel set in the 80s in Sydney and is absolutely bursting with legendary characters that some readers might recognise. I chose this period because it marked a huge change in Sydney society, as old money gave way to new money and the `It’ profession was being an entrepreneur. It was also a ‘changing of the guard’ in Sydney newspapers. With the birth of celebrity and many more players in the fashion industry, suddenly even the broadsheet newspapers were filled with gossip and fun. There is a love story in The Social Diary and it ends in a bit of a cliff-hanger. Thankfully there’s a sequel planned, set in the current time, but with the same main character of a Sydney gossip columnist.

Optimized-Ros Reines Book CoverCertainly sounds like a good read. So, tell me, how do you feel that working out with ATLETA helped you with the discipline of writing a book?

Since I gave up drinking several years ago, I have become a true morning person. My issue was going to the gym first up, and getting my valuable early morning inspiration for my book at the same time. So the solution was to rise at 5.30 am and get some work done before leaving for the gym at 7.45am. Working out four times a week with Neil means that I sleep more soundly, hence getting up early is not such a chore. Having Neil keep track of my weight each month meant that when I discovered I was snacking too much at my desk, I could stop it before it became an issue.

Wow, you certainly are am morning person! Tell me a little more about your work schedule?

Basically, I get out of bed at 5.30 with a coffee and start work, then gym at 8 followed by breakfast. By 10am I am back at my computer and working more on my book until 11.30, when I go through my work emails (I’m also a journalist with The Telegraph). Working mostly from home, I can get most of my assignments done by the early afternoon. I often have a nap then so I can return to my book feeling refreshed. Sometimes I have to go out to events, but usually I am back on my computer from 9 to 11pm.

What were some of the biggest challenges when it came to working on a publishing deadline, and did the sessions with Neil help to overcome them?

When I am nervous and bored, I eat. Writing a book is an isolating experience and extremely nerve wracking. I suddenly found myself addicted to chocolate and nuts again, and was snacking most of the day. Now I drink water when I feel like snacking, and go for a walk. These were the kinds of strategies that Neil suggested and it really helps to just get up and move away from your work. Taking a walk for an hour also helped me to be more productive upon my return. The trick is not to get distracted by shopping or chatting to people, but just keep moving.

Do you feel like you’ve developed personally over the course of this journey?

I feel that I can do anything now, it is just a matter of setting goals. The knowledge that I can be disciplined enough to write a novel and take care of my health means so much to me in terms of confidence. It has changed my outlook on the world and helped with my self-worth.

Optimized-rosreines_0018After finishing the book, do you feel that you are better able to set yourself goals and continue working towards them?

Absolutely – basically I know that I have another two novels to write in this series and then who knows what else will come along. I’m no spring chicken but I’m interested in learning new disciplines, and I plan to tackle scriptwriting. Physically, I know that I have to keep exercising for the rest of my life not only to retain clarity of vision but also to stave off some of the diseases of old age. Recently I overcame a badly sprained ankle, but by the second half of the year I hope to challenge myself with more physical goals.

With a razor sharp focus and true determination, Ros continues to power through with her work, writing and training. As she continues on with Neil and ATLETA we hope she sets even bigger and greater goals for herself, and we look forward to seeing her achieve these and push the boundary further each time.

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