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Who is Johann Ruys?

Meet the Northern Beach’s whizz kid Johann Ruys, ATLETA’s newest elite trainer and extreme sports athlete. When he’s not pushing you to run a little faster at City2Surf group training what this training Johann get up to? What drives him to excel? Well there’s only one way to find out, let’s ask him.

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What is your sporting background?

Where to start…. I think I have pretty much covered it all. I love to be active in my free time, so in any spare minute I have you are likely to find me hitting the surf, skateboarding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, surf lifesaving, surf boat rowing or shredding bulk powder at the snow, the list never ends, I don’t really like to sit still! I am a very keen runner, I have completed 5 half marathons and I have lost count of how many other fun runs. I compliment my running training by spending a fair bit of time in the gym doing resistance training to ensure I am always able to perform at my peak and remain injury free. I play a bunch of other sports too, but we’d be here all day going over them all.


Wow that’s a lot of sport! What is your absolute favourite?

Definitely snowboarding! But anything that is adrenalin based or has an element of adventure.

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What motivated you to become a personal trainer and help people achieve their health and fitness goals?

Since I can remember, probably about 6, I have been involved in regular physical activity and sport. When I was 14, I become seriously interested in running and training in the gym, I really enjoyed training with other people and made a lot of friends through sport, I really appreciated how been fit and healthy made me feel.  It was probably one of my first coaches that really inspired me to take a path into the health and fitness industry, I was inspired by how hard he kept it really specific, made me work, ingrained internal drive and motivation to achieve, and now, I can do the same for others through sharing my experiences and knowledge.


What else do you do aside from personal training?

Well I like to keep busy, I coach sport sessions at pre-schools a few mornings a week, I love working with kids and it is good to mix it up. I also work as a surf educator for Surf Lifesaving Northern Beaches Surf School as well as a Surf Lifesaver at Palm Beach. I am also currently studying, I am in my final semester of a Sport and Exercise Science degree, in which I am looking at doing Honors next year to further expand my knowledge and experience.

Will you be running the city to surf this year and what is your goal time?

Absolutely! Believe it or not this will be my first City2Surf, I will be aiming for sub 1 hour. I can’t wait!

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What training are you doing to achieve this?

I am mostly following the programming we designed for the running group and then tweaking it a little to suit the style of training that I enjoy. I then throw in a few gym sessions, currently focusing mainly on my glut strength as well as explosive leg power and endurance.


Thinking of training with Johann? Well, no matter what goals you have Johann will be able to help you get there, he has an extensive sporting background, a great energy and a variety of experience in coaching and training. Book in a session on the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs today! Johann will teach you to take your life by the horns and achieve any health, body shaping and performance goal!

Interview by Tory Nicholas

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