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Keeping up with Rob Lyon; ATLETA Trainer Extraordinaire

ATLETA prides itself on being the premier health, lifestyle and fitness training company in Sydney, and with trainers like Rob Lyon it’s easy to see why. Rob’s skill, experience and knowledge of the fitness industry are just a few of the many reasons why he should be the trainer to get you moving. But there’s so much more than just that!

We caught up with Rob this week to find out a bit more about Rob’s current work projects, get some great health advice and see how Rob copes with his busy lifestyle following the recent addition of Keira; his 1 month old daughter.

11144432_10105272950686451_3717604480734610817_oGreat to catch up Rob. With your busy work schedule, it can be hard to keep up with everything you’re involved in! What work projects have you been working on lately?

Currently I’m focused on 2 work projects. As the head teacher of the Diploma of Fitness at ACSF I have developed a 6 month course that gives current personal trainers advanced knowledge and qualifications in areas such as special populations training and injury prevention and management. Our students can also gain entry through this course to Exercise Science programs at universities such as Australian Catholic University and University of Canberra.

Along with my busy client load with ATLETA, I also spearhead our internal trainer development – finding and developing our training team in the ATLETA way, as well as co-coordinating our professional internship program, where 3rd year exercise science students can gain experience and possible future employment with the company. I’m passionate to see the next generation of trainers thrive and succeed in this environment!

It’s great to see how passionate you are about developing trainers to their full potential. I’m sure this keeps you busy though, particularly with the addition of Keira. What changes have you made to your schedule to accommodate for work and family time, and what have you learned from it all?

Apart from it being the best decision I’ve ever made, having a 1 month old child has taught me patience and the value of being ruthless with my time. She’s number 1 now, so I have condensed my training hours and days as well as my personal and professional development time into a strict schedule. This gives me piece of mind, as I know I am more efficient in “work mode”, which allows me to completely switch off when I move into “dad mode”.

It sounds like a massive change, however it’s great to see you coping well and continuing to split your work-family time wisely. This does make me wonder though, how do you find the time to train yourself?

Just like my clients, projects and development, my training still fits into my schedule. The main difference now is my workouts are much shorter, more intense, and have a pre-determined goal for every session. You will see me stretching, doing yoga and mobilizing between clients, swinging Kettebells and doing hill sprints whilst mum and the little one are asleep, and playing touch football on a sunday before I reset and plan for the next week. Make sure you book in time for yourself, before other people book you out!

Rob FootySure sounds like you’ve got it worked out for yourself; looking after your own health as well as that of others. What health and training advice do you have for new parents, or those with busy schedules?

Rob Blackmore's RunningIn my limited experience of 4 weeks of fatherhood, my biggest piece of advice in regards to exercise is to let it “reset” you. You may feel tired, overwhelmed, agitated or just plain stir crazy (usually it’s a mix of all of them) – getting your heart rate up, breathing heavy and sweating fixes everything!

Sometimes all it takes is 15-20 minutes of total body training with body weight exercises, short running efforts or even just a movement practice such as a yoga flow or foam rolling session and I feel as though I’m ready to face anything else my busy life can throw at me.

It’s really easy to put exercise on the backburner – but the payoff in energy, efficiency, mood and sleep quality makes it well worth the investment in time.

Wise words from a great Trainer. It’s important to maintain your work-life-health balance, even when your schedule starts to back up and it seems you have no time left for ‘you’. Need help maintaining this balance, or kick-starting your health? Get in contact with us at ATLETA and let us help get you moving and working towards your fitness goals. If you’ve got any questions, or want more information on training with Rob, feel free to get in contact with us and make sure you check out the rest of our website.

Interview by Johann Ruys

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