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‘It’s hard to believe it’s already August’ is a phrase we seem to utter every year. The days start to get longer, the temperature starts to creep up (thankfully!) and the workload increases as we accelerate towards the end of the year. It’s a feeling the ATLETA team is all too well accustomed to, but with plenty of big plans in the near future we’re putting on a brave face and striving hard right until year’s end!

There’s plenty of exciting new business, fitness and personal goals on the horizon. So, what exactly is everyone on the ATLETA team getting up to?

NeilOptimized-WAKE UP WITH A KIWI 7 Day Diet and Exercise Plan 8

Neil’s goal, of positively influencing as many Australians as possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle, has been boosted this year. ATLETA’s founder and VIP trainer has just celebrated over 2 years as Weight Watchers Exercise Physiologist consultant. Neil is also excited about taking on an increasing role with Weight Watchers Australia and New Zealand. On the ATLETA front, Neil is currently looking for 1 or 2 new Exercise Physiologists to join the team. There are exciting developments under-way for ATLETA, so keep posted over the coming months for updates.

Neil’s media presence has grown even more over the course of the year, most recently through his work with Zespri Gold Kiwi Fruit. Their “Wake Up With a Kiwi” campaign has been a success so far, with Neil’s first video already reaching over 120K views. Check out the video here. On top of this, Neil has many articles coming out across a range of media outlets, including Weight Watchers Magazine, Men’s Muscle Magazine, Women’s health and Fitness, CLEO and more.

Neil and the ATLETA team understand the importance of rest and recuperation in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Neil has recently returned from an epic surf trip to Bali, and is struggling to settle back into the cold and crowded eastern suburbs line-up. Neil is also training for the Sydney Half Marathon in September, with a goal time of sub 90 minutes.

RobRob Footy

Rob has been extremely busy this year, and is currently working on expanding the ATLETA corporate wellness program. Rob is looking into working with some exciting new companies, in regards to improving their health and well-being through services ATLETA offers, such as personal training, group sessions and executive performance programs.

Parenthood has placed a large time demand on Rob. Luckily, though, Keira has been learning to sleep for longer stretches, which means Rob is rested enough to hit his workouts hard. The Spartan race, Men’s Health Tough Bloke Challenge and the Raw Challenge  are just around the corner, marking start of the obstacle course race season. With just 8 weeks to go, Rob’s training has been picking up with plenty of sled, kettle bell, barbell, rope and hill sprint work added to his training routine!

Rob has really focused on and prioritised clean eating, with minimal processed foods, and timing his carbohydrate consumption around his workout schedule, in an effort to stay performing and functioning at a high level during this busy time. Rob has also been steering clear of alcohol, as it affects his sleep quality!


It’s been another big year for Johann, with each year offering up exciting new possibilities and the potential for job growth and development. First and foremost, this year has been about completing his Honours thesis at UTS, where Johann has been analysing the predictive markers and factors for non-contact injury in professional AFL. This has seen him gain some first-hand experience with the Sydney Swans Football Club, and similarly seen improvements in his applied Sport Science knowledge.

Having run the City 2 Surf just the other weekend, this marks the completion of another great year of ATLETA’s C2S training. Massive improvements were seen for all involved, and it was great to see everyone striving to achieve their best. Johann is continuing his weekly writing for the ATLETA blog, and is currently waiting for 2 articles to come out in Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.

Outside of work, Johann has been Spending as much time in the water and in the gym as his busy schedule allows, trying to build strength and endurance and improve his surfing ability. Johann is also training for his first 50km Ultra marathon, in late September, which will be run down at Bells Beach. With only 5 weeks to go until race day, training load is starting to peak in anticipation of race day.

IanIan Russel ATLETA

Ian is currently enjoying his teaching position at the Australian College of Sport and Fitness, delivering Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma in Fitness courses to budding personal trainers. Ian has just finished training 2 of our favourite corporate groups up for the City 2 Surf; Adivision and E3 Advisory. He has been picking up new Clients in the Bondi area, and is re-injecting himself into the ATLETA business. It’s an exciting time for Ian, and we can’t wait to see him return to a bigger role with us this year.

Ian has just left for the Mentawais on an epic surf trip, to ride the amazing waves the Western Indonesian coast offers. This area is world renowned for having some of the best waves on the planet, set in an island paradise far from human development. In preparation for the trip, Ian has been surf training, with a heavy core strength and stability focus. Swimming and upper-body endurance have also played a predominant role in his training, helping get him ready for the long surf sessions, large waves and heavy hold-downs.

LachlanNew Optimized-Lachlan Mitchell crop.001

Lachlan is currently working hard on his PhD, looking at a variety of aspects surrounding Body Building. These aspects include training programs and loads, nutrition and body image (body dysmorphia) issues. He has earned a scholarship, and is pushing hard to get it all done. Lachlan is also teaching at Sydney University, in Exercise and Sport Science. This is the perfect way to balance out his study, and keep him on top of current research in our area.

Lachlan has just finished playing another great season with Gordon Rugby, playing in their 1st grade team. Despite the heavy demands of the game, his pure enjoyment of the game and abounding skill make him sure he can play at least one more season!


Sam is stuck right into the business end of the year, pushing towards the end of his Honours study. Sam’s Honours is looking at individual exercise adherence, and how this relates to different styles of Interval training and their effect on weight loss. It’s an extremely busy time for Sam at the moment, though he is finding it best to set strict deadlines to keep his health, fitness and eating patterns in order.

Outside of Honours life, Sam has been running rock climbing performance workshops and trying to train as hard as possible. After an incident surfing a secret spot near Long Reef, Sam had 1.5 hours of surgery to remove 25 sea urchin barbs from his foot. This has limited his training; however, the use of upper body workout implements has helped get him stuck back into it. Sam is looking forward to getting back to climbing, and we’re sure he’ll be hanging off cliffs again in no time.

It’s great to see the diversity in skill and expertise across our team. This ensures that ATLETA has the perfect trainer for you, no matter what your needs are. Get in contact today to set up a free goal setting and trial session with one of our expert team, and get yourself powering towards your health, fitness and lifestyle goals in time for summer!

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