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Exercise “Quickie” with Rob Lyon in ELLE Magazine

With the recent relaunch of the new and improved ELLE magazine, editors were on the search for the best in the business to provide tips exclusively to ELLE readers. ATLETA VIP Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist Rob Lyon advises ELLE Online readers how to fit exercising into your busy schedule. Need to fit a “Quickie” […]

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Exercise And Pregnancy ATLETA Post

Exercise And Pregnancy

Whilst the idea of exercise during pregnancy may sometimes feel like the last thing on your mind, research and real-world experience has shown time and time again the benefits of regular exercise during these difficult 9 months. Some specific benefits include: Increased energy levels Becoming more physically prepared for the demands of child birth Injury […]

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Usain Bolt

Cool Runnings: The Secrets We Can Learn From Jamaican Sprinters

What is it with the Caribbean and being FAST? We had the West Indies cricket team of the 1980s and 1990s tormenting us with fast bowlers like Joel Garner, Curtly Ambrose, Michael Holding and Malcolm Marshall to name just a few – steaming in and unleashing thunderbolt after thunderbolt against our poor hapless batsmen.  Fast forward […]

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The 5 Superfoods To Live By

Fads come and go, and we are constantly bombarded with information about the latest “superfood” – touting some miracle combination of ingredients, vitamins and minerals that will improve your energy levels, boost your mood, fight disease, enhance your sex life – or even a combination of all! The term “Superfoods” is touted as some sort […]

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Pollution Blog Post Image

Training in the “big smoke”

Today’s society often demands long working hours much of which are spent in major cities. Due to this busy schedule many of us train in the city, in and around our working hours, and this can present a health and performance problem. Pollution!! When we exercise our respiration rate increases, therefore we breathe in more […]

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