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Preparing for the City 2 Surf, with ATLETA Group Training Client Beth

It’s hard to believe we’re already on the verge of the 2015 City 2 Surf! What a great 10 weeks of training we’ve had this year, with everyone working extremely hard and smashing old personal bests. It’s always great to hear feedback from our group members, and we managed to get some stellar feedback from our amazing group training client Beth.

With only days left until the race itself, we thought it would be great to chat to Beth and get an insight into her running training, her goals, personal improvement and to see what she’s learned across the last 10 weeks, and how this can make the 2015 City 2 Surf her best one yet!

Optimized-IMG_8609Always great to chat with you Beth! Firstly, I’d love to know what your goal time for the City 2 Surf this year, and how it compares to last year’s goal.

I’ve certainly come a long way with my running since last year. When I started the training program last year, I had never run more than 2-3km in one go! I just wanted to finish the race last year: that was my main goal. This year I’ve come back stronger, fitter and faster and am aiming to finish the race in 1 hour 25 minutes.

Do you feel that ATLETA’s structured training program and face to face sessions helped improve your running ability and fitness?

Beth High FiveDefinitely, you can feel your fitness and running technique improve throughout the duration of the training program. The progressions in difficulty are expertly timed across the 10 week duration of the program. At the start of the training season I certainly felt out of practice. The best part about the training program, though, is that as it progresses you start to enjoy it more and more, and so do your lungs!

I’d love to know if you thought the 10 week program helped you to achieve your goals.

I honestly don’t think I’d be able to do the City 2 Surf without ATLETA’s program. It has all the right training elements to help instil in me the confidence to complete the race. I especially found the hill and interval training drills useful in working towards my goals. Although they are the worst at the time, they feel the best for improving my fitness and helping me achieve my goals!

It’s so great to hear that you’ve improved over the 10 weeks, and that you’ve managed to achieve your goals. Moving on from the City 2 Surf, what is your next major goal?

I wouldn’t mind trying a half marathon! Now I’ve put that in writing I might have to…

Optimized-IMG_4637That would be an awesome progression from the City 2 Surf! How do you think ATLETA could help you build towards your next goal?

Having Sydney’s top health and fitness company on your side is definitely an advantage! The training program, structured session plans and expert delivery ensures I have the best possible help in achieving my goals. I’ll be looking to continue my running training after City 2 Surf in the lead up to that half marathon I mentioned…I can’t express enough, though, that I don’t think I could do it without ATLETA!

It’s great to get any feedback from our clients, and especially positive feedback from our City 2 Surf training groups! We wish them best of luck in the final days before this weekend’s big race. Need help setting goals, training hard and reaching new heights with your personal health and well-being? Get in contact with ATLETA’s expert team today, and let them help you set and smash new goals!

Interview by Johann Ruys

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