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Resistance Training – You Get What You Train For

Resistance training should be a part of every almost every training program regardless of the training goal. When trying to improve fat loss, toning, body shaping, all sport specific performance, improved body function and general health, resistance training is a key element to achieving your goals. When partaking in resistance training, many gym goers are […]

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Managing Stress: Stress Perception

Stress generally begins with a situation that unbalances your life. To balance yourself and alleviate the stress you need to adapt to the situation. Stress is a neutral word, therefore when a stress is placed upon us we can interpret the situation either positively, negatively or as a non-event. This is referred to as cognitive […]

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Exercise And Pregnancy ATLETA Post

Exercise And Pregnancy

Whilst the idea of exercise during pregnancy may sometimes feel like the last thing on your mind, research and real-world experience has shown time and time again the benefits of regular exercise during these difficult 9 months. Some specific benefits include: Increased energy levels Becoming more physically prepared for the demands of child birth Injury […]

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