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Ryan Leibel – Athlete, Trainer and so much more

With an impressive wealth of experience and a friendly, knowledgeable demeanour, Ryan Leibel is certainly the trainer to look out for in 2015. As well as being an accomplished endurance athlete and a true Canadian outdoors-man, Ryan has a vast array of experience. Having trained a large variety of different populations, including high performance athletes […]

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New ATLETA Trainers – SPECIAL 20% OFF

ATLETA WELCOMES RYAN AND SAM TO OUR TRAINING TEAM FOR 2015 ATLETA is gearing up for a HUGE year in 2015, and what better way to kick it off by introducing two new trainers to our already extensively qualified and experienced team. Both Ryan and Sam come to ATLETA with a highly credentialed background and […]

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Who is Johann Ruys?

Meet the Northern Beach’s whizz kid Johann Ruys, ATLETA’s newest elite trainer and extreme sports athlete. When he’s not pushing you to run a little faster at City2Surf group training what this training Johann get up to? What drives him to excel? Well there’s only one way to find out, let’s ask him. What is […]

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Dry July or Under the Weather.

Dry July is an initiative that helps make a positive difference to the lives of adults living with cancer, all you have to do is stay off the booze for a month. Easy right!? I know many of you out there are doing your best and perhaps starting to slip up a little, don’t fret, […]

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Resistance Training ATLETA

Resistance Training – You Get What You Train For

Resistance training should be a part of every almost every training program regardless of the training goal. When trying to improve fat loss, toning, body shaping, all sport specific performance, improved body function and general health, resistance training is a key element to achieving your goals. When partaking in resistance training, many gym goers are […]

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Stress Managament.

Managing Stress: Stress Perception

Stress generally begins with a situation that unbalances your life. To balance yourself and alleviate the stress you need to adapt to the situation. Stress is a neutral word, therefore when a stress is placed upon us we can interpret the situation either positively, negatively or as a non-event. This is referred to as cognitive […]

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Training in the “big smoke”

Today’s society often demands long working hours much of which are spent in major cities. Due to this busy schedule many of us train in the city, in and around our working hours, and this can present a health and performance problem. Pollution!! When we exercise our respiration rate increases, therefore we breathe in more […]

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