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2015 City 2 Surf Training with ATLETA – Commencing June 2nd

Looking to run your best ever City 2 Surf? Or even just looking to make the distance, and smash your first race? ATLETA’s scientifically designed training program utilises the latest evidence based training protocols and the most recent health research, to ensure you receive the highest quality training, while working towards your C2S goals. Just […]

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How to run the City 2 Surf; Tips from VIP Trainer Neil Russell

The second Sunday in August marks a particularly special day in Sydney; it is the date for the City 2 Surf. A 14km fun-run taking you from Sydney CBD up, down and across to beautiful Bondi Beach, it is also the largest participation Fun-Run in the world. With only 14 weeks left until the City […]

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Corporate Training Atleta

10 Common Heath and Fitness Questions Answered

No doubt that at some point you’ve either asked or been curious about something to do with health and fitness. Health and Fitness is often a hotly debated topic, with many people throwing personal opinion, passed as fact, into the already confusing minefield of information. So we’ve decided to take 10 common health and fitness […]

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New ATLETA Trainers – SPECIAL 20% OFF

ATLETA WELCOMES RYAN AND SAM TO OUR TRAINING TEAM FOR 2015 ATLETA is gearing up for a HUGE year in 2015, and what better way to kick it off by introducing two new trainers to our already extensively qualified and experienced team. Both Ryan and Sam come to ATLETA with a highly credentialed background and […]

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Resistance Training ATLETA

Resistance Training – You Get What You Train For

Resistance training should be a part of every almost every training program regardless of the training goal. When trying to improve fat loss, toning, body shaping, all sport specific performance, improved body function and general health, resistance training is a key element to achieving your goals. When partaking in resistance training, many gym goers are […]

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