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Pregnancy and Training – A Note From Neil

This blog post is less a scientific article as it is a letter from the heart. Over the last 15 years I have trained a lot of women all the way through their pregnancy, from long before the day they found out, to as close as two days before they gave birth. If I have […]

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Exercise During Pregnancy – How to Train Safe

The thought of carrying a new life into the world is about as exciting as it gets! Despite the joys of pregnancy, however, there are always unavoidable difficulties and changes that result from this happy time. Contrary to general perception though, your health doesn’t need to change too far from your pre-pregnancy level. Maintaining an […]

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Exercise And Pregnancy ATLETA Post

Exercise And Pregnancy

Whilst the idea of exercise during pregnancy may sometimes feel like the last thing on your mind, research and real-world experience has shown time and time again the benefits of regular exercise during these difficult 9 months. Some specific benefits include: Increased energy levels Becoming more physically prepared for the demands of child birth Injury […]

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