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Sports Injury Occurrence and Management – ATLETA Fitness

Running is one of the most popular health and fitness pursuits across Australia, and with such a vast array of associated physical and mental benefits it’s easy to see why. As with all exercise, however, there is an element of risk through participation: risk of injury. Running is not exempt from this, with many runners […]

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2015 City 2 Surf Training with ATLETA – Commencing June 2nd

Looking to run your best ever City 2 Surf? Or even just looking to make the distance, and smash your first race? ATLETA’s scientifically designed training program utilises the latest evidence based training protocols and the most recent health research, to ensure you receive the highest quality training, while working towards your C2S goals. Just […]

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How to run the City 2 Surf; Tips from VIP Trainer Neil Russell

The second Sunday in August marks a particularly special day in Sydney; it is the date for the City 2 Surf. A 14km fun-run taking you from Sydney CBD up, down and across to beautiful Bondi Beach, it is also the largest participation Fun-Run in the world. With only 14 weeks left until the City […]

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The Benefits of Running – ATLETA Fitness

Running provides numerous health benefits, both physical and mental, that contribute to leading a healthy, happy lifestyle. Similarly, running as a form of relaxation and active meditation can provide clarity of mind; allowing you to work harder, smarter and with decreased stress. Add to this the enjoyment and improved goal setting ability that regular running […]

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ATLETA April Client of the Month – Cat Romano

Meet Catalina Romano. A successful business woman who runs her own PR agency in beautiful Balmain, it’s hard to believe she still finds the time to train hard and keep herself in top condition. With a large range of clients and a flat out schedule, how can one achieve such a work-life balance? Cat is […]

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Effective Goal Setting for Health and Wellbeing

Goal setting is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of training. Training without setting goals is similar to building a house without a plan. Yes, it might still work; but how can you measure success when there are no initial objectives to compare against? Goal setting is not only an important factor for athletic […]

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Corporate Training Atleta

10 Common Heath and Fitness Questions Answered

No doubt that at some point you’ve either asked or been curious about something to do with health and fitness. Health and Fitness is often a hotly debated topic, with many people throwing personal opinion, passed as fact, into the already confusing minefield of information. So we’ve decided to take 10 common health and fitness […]

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Sam Higham, the Perfect Trainer to Get You Moving!

Sam Higham is more than just a standard trainer. With a love for all things fitness and a passion for the outdoors, Sam certainly has the drive and desire to help see you achieve your goals and to get you up and moving. Sam is a keen outdoors-man, and has been hand-picked to study Honours […]

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Fitness, Running Speed, VO2-Max and Lactate Threshold

VO2-Max is a term that gets thrown around a lot in fitness literature, but that doesn’t make it any easier to understand. So just what is VO2-Max? And just what does it have to do with our ability to undergo prolonged endurance-based exercise? It all seems like a simple concept, but it’s really an exciting […]

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Usain Bolt

The Science of Muscle Burn

No doubt that at some point you have done a workout so painful that it feels like your arms and legs might just explode. The burn; the heaviness of your limbs; the pressure on the skin; they are all just so much more intense than after a standard workout. So surely this pain must be […]

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