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To Build The Ultimate Beach Body, You Have to Do The Leg Work!

Never skip legs. The apparent number one rule uttered by regular gym-goers. On the surface it makes sense to train your whole body. But why is it that training lower limb specifically is so important? In a nutshell, there are a host of benefits to you for training the lower limb. These are discussed below…

Improved energy expenditure and weight management
Girls; Toned behind and body
Guys; Bigger upper body
Increased Strength
Better Running
Prevention of injury

Effects of training Lower Body:

Training the lower body regularly, and effectively, has many physiological and physical benefits to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. First and foremost, training the lower limbs stimulate the largest muscle group in the body. Furthermore, stimulating large muscles groups can increase the production of testosterone, resulting in improved anabolic (muscle building) capacity.

Improved muscle building means that there is improved muscle tone all over the body, including the upper limbs and torso. This improved musculature, coupled with the larger muscle recruitment from the lower limb, means more energy is spent during a workout helping with weight maintenance or loss goals. This is perfect for working on your beach body!

Did you know that researchers have linked increases in exercise induced testosterone results to increased confidence and decisiveness? So not only will you be looking amazing, you will be superhuman at work and on the social scene!

Group TrainingPotentially the best aspect of lower limb training is the improvement in coordination. Recruiting the lower limbs for regular activity ensures that the whole body is worked. Most lower limb exercises recruit the use of upper body and core stabilising muscles, meaning it’s not just the lower body working hard. Furthermore, this improves the neural signalling between the brain and muscles, as well as the coordination between muscles.  This not only increases overall strength gains, but also improves core strength and stability.

We’ve looked at what effect lower body training has from a physiological and physical perspective, so now let’s look at how this relates to you and benefits your health and well-being!

 Benefits for you:

First off, increased testosterone relates to better muscle building potential. Not everyone who goes to the gym wants to get ‘bigger’ per sé, however, increased muscle building is beneficial for all gym-goers looking to lean up, get toned and slim excess body fat. This makes it the perfect way to lean up, tone up and feel your best.

In simple terms, this means for guys: bigger upper body, greater strength gains and better muscle building or body sculpting potential. For the girls: toned behind and leg definition are the biggest benefits. On top of this is the overall improvements in muscle tone, strength and energy expenditure. More musculature means more energy expenditure at rest.

More energy expenditure at rest is what we call a ‘faster metabolism’, and can help you shed those extra kilos. Combing the two benefits, we can see that lower body resistance training results in improved muscle building potential, muscle tone and weight loss – This is all great to help in the lead up to beach season and getting that beach body ready!

Beach BodyImproved strength and weight loss potential are other key benefits of lower body resistance training. Improving coordination between upper and lower body muscle groups can results in strength and neural messaging improvements within the body. Due to the large movement demands of lower limb training, the whole body benefits from the strength improvements derived from training.  This means you can help sculpt and strengthen your core using lower limb resistance exercises; creating an awesome full body workout experience!

For any runners or social sporting athletes, lower limb exercises are a great way to prevent injuries and improve your running strength. Supplementing your athletic or cardio training with strength and resistance exercises can help you to stay injury free, and get you running faster and stronger.

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Written by Johann Ruys



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