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UTS Interval Training Study – It Could Benefit You!

ATLETA’s very own Sam Higham is conducting an investigative research study on the health benefits associated with interval training.

Interval training is a common method of training that involves varying periods of high and low intensity work. It has been proven to induce various cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal benefits. Additionally, it protects against chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

There are different subtypes of interval training, each utilising different work to rest ratios, and varying exercise and recovery intensities. Sam will be comparing the health impact of 2 different types of interval training in order to determine which work:rest ratio, and which intensities are most beneficial for middle aged, sedentary individuals.

Research Implications

The results of this study will have great implications for the training modes both prescribed by health professionals, such as those at ATLETA, and will taught in exercise science and fitness lectures moving forward. Sam will be at the forefront of this development, and aims to use the conclusions of this study to make his training more specific and effective for sedentary, middle aged clients.

Participant Involvement

Participants involved in the study will train 3 times per week for 8 weeks, at the UTS Kuring Gai campus in Lindfield (Sydney). They will have their health analysed before and after the training period in order to measure changes in fitness, body composition and general health. All equipment will be supplied, and participants will be well looked after by trained sports scientists, including Sam.

The best part of the study is that all of this, including the training, equipment and health analysis is FREE*.

Optimized-image1So, if you, or anyone you know, is 35-60 y/o, leads a sedentary lifestyle and is interested in improving their health for free, get in contact with Sam; (0417 109 316).

We want to support Sam, develop the best practices in the health and exercise industry as well as give you and your friends the opportunity to get trained and educated for free. Check out the ATLETA Exercise Physiology and Science training team here. Interested in starting training with the ATELTA team? Click here to get in contact today and start working towards your health goals!

NOTE: *free training only available as part of the UTS honours study, completely separate to ATLETA.

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