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4 Great Benefits of Swim Training

With summer fast approaching and the days heating up accordingly, it’s starting to again feel like the time to get back in the water and escape the summer heat! After a long, cold winter, however, you can feel a little rusty in the water…Here’s 4 great reasons to get back into swim training and stroke your way to a summer body at the same time!

Improve your fitness

Improve your body shape

Change up your routine

Get back into action

GoPro Swimming

Improve your fitness:

The cardiovascular fitness benefits of regular swim training are massive, with numerous reports reflecting significant fitness improvements for previously trained running athletes. After an 8 week swim training intervention program, it was shown that not only did their swimming improve, but also their running efficiency and speed. This reflects how swim training not only helps to improve your overall fitness, but it also both your running based VO2Max and lactate tolerance. Overall, this results in faster running for longer periods at higher intensities. (For a review of VO2Max and Lactate Threshold, click the links.)

This fitness improvement comes from the unique demands swim training places on the body, utilising large muscle groups to produce power against a constant resistance. Due to the large muscular demands and the intense core strength required for efficient swimming, there is a high physical and physiological demand placed on the cardio-respiratory system – which becomes the stimulus for improved fitness.

Not only does swim training help to develop your fitness, but physical adaptations to your body shape occur in response to the muscular demands of swimming…

Improve your body shape:Swimming definition

Swim training relies heavily on your upper body physique, resulting in improvements to the musculature and shape of this area of the body. Particularly for guys, swim training can help to develop and define the shoulder, back and neck region, due to the high muscular demands swimming places on these areas. For women, improved muscle tone around the upper body can be a direct result of continued swim training, helping you to tone up and improve overall muscular definition.

Furthermore, swimming incorporates high degrees of core strength and lower limb activation, helping to tone the legs and improve both core strength and definition. In a nutshell, swim training not only requires huge fitness demands, but also large muscular demands, which in turn leads to an improvement in your fitness and body shape.

Need more reasons to get into swim training? Read on for how you can use swim training ot change up your standard routine

Change up your training routine:

Swim training provides a unique way of changing your regular routine. During the hotter summer months, swim training provides a high intensity workout option that keeps you cool at the same time, ensuring you have a tough workout but don’t run the risk of overheating (for more information on training in the heat, click here). Although swim training places a large physical demand on the body, swimming can be a great way to rest and recover from a heavy week of work or training. The water’s natural hydrostatic pressure can help to shift the metabolites and waste products left in your body following intense exercise, helping to restore balance to your body and have a great workout at the same time. For another challenge, try ocean swimming. Heading out for a swim across the bay can be a fun way to start the morning, or have an afternoon break, particularly if you take a snorkel or goggles to have a look at what’s beneath you.

Swim training is not only fun and physically beneficial, but also the perfect way to get back into regular exercise after illness or injury.

Get back into action:

Underwater Swimming Woman

The hydrostatic pressure and natural buoyancy of water makes swim training the ideal way to return to exercise after injury or illness. The buoyancy effect of water allows injury rehabilitation as those with injuries can walk, run, swim or move in a free environment, while having their body supported and speed of movement safely limited. Similarly, for those who find it too hard to return to running or are unable to safely run under their body-weight, swim training and pool based exercise provides a way of negating this risk, and also allowing a physically strenuous workout in the mean-time.

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Written by Johann Ruys



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